One of the main priorities for us is to supply quality products, which meet all essential standards. Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the necessary equipment, allowing to produce quality control of the product shipped.
All products are certified by domestic production. Spare parts and components tested by the technical supervision departments at the regional and global levels, and. It is noteworthy that the introduction of new technologies and quality standards does not affect the cost of production. It is known that the standards of ISO 9000 is rather strict quality management systems and product requirements. This means that the product quality checks, not only by external organizations, but also the end user. At the same time attention is paid to the technical regulations.

Our management system is set up so that products PKF "Fact" brilliantly passes any test. We know how to meet the needs of the market, not to deceive the customer expectations and not lower the bar with stakeholder requirements.

Heat exchange equipment of its own production as certified by the international standard EAEC.

Equally important in our work is a dialogue with customers, in which we improve our quality system. Therefore, tell your suggestions and we will listen to them.

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