Requirements for quality management systems and product requirements

The family of standards ISO 9000 distinguishes between requirements for quality management systems and requirements for products.

Requirements for quality management systems specified in ISO 9001, and are generic and applicable to organizations in any industry or economic sector regardless of the ISO 9001 product categories does not establish requirements for products.

Product requirements can be installed by customers or by the organization in anticipation of customer needs and requirements of technical regulations. The requirements for products and in some cases also to the processes associated with it can be installed in the technical specifications, product standards, process standards, contractual agreements and regulatory requirements.

The quality management system is part of the organization's management system, which aims to achieve results in accordance with the quality objectives, to satisfy the needs, expectations and requirements of stakeholders. The quality objectives complement other objectives of the organization related to the development, funding, profitability, the environment and working conditions and safety of personnel. Different parts of the organization's management system can be integrated with the quality management system into a single management system using common elements. This can facilitate planning, allocation of resources, definition of complementary objectives and evaluation of the overall performance of the organization.

the organization's management system can be assessed for compliance with the requirements of its own organization. It can also be checked for compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These audits may be carried out both separately and jointly.
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