Heat exchangers

Production of heat exchangers - a technologically complex process that requires high-quality equipment and training. After all of this depends directly on their functionality and safety of use. So before you buy a heat exchanger, it is necessary to ensure a reliable manufacturer and supplier of good faith. In addition, the price of the heat exchanger can be unduly inflated. Sale of heat exchangers in Russia - more than the claimed business: it is the necessary equipment used in a wide variety of industries. That is why the extremely low cost of the heat exchanger is to get the buyer to think seriously, do not try if he sell low-quality goods. If the buyer is not well versed in the products purchased, he is seriously at risk not only the reputation of the enterprise, but also the budget - in fact in the case of damage repair costs will require more than a few times. Only here you will find the original innovative cooling section at a bargain price and adequate. In addition, we present the production line imported and can really guarantee the quality of the buyer. Our heat exchangers in Izhevsk have a protective hologram, beware of imitations.

We produce cooling radiators for diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel generators and transformers.


         Only our original innovative cooling section! Imported production line. Our section has a security hologram, beware of imitations!

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Секция радиатора охлаждения:

7317.000 (СРБФ.387581.112) унифицированная

ТЭ3.02.005 (СРБФ.387581.212, 0404.000СБ) масляная

Р62.131.000 (СРБФ.387581.012) водяная

7317.100 (СРБФ.387581.008)

7317.200, Р62.240.000 (СРБФ.387581.005)




Секция ВП-1,2

Секция ВП-0,8

Секция ВП-0,5

Секции (2).jpg

Теплообменники применяются на следующих сериях тепловозах, электровозах:

ТГМ4, ТГМ6, ТЭМ2, ТЭ116, ТЭМ15, ТЭЗ, 2ТЭ10Л, 2ТЭ10, М62, ТЭП60, ТЭП70, ТЭМ15, ТЭМ18, ТГМ3А, ТГМ23, ТГМ6А, ТЭМ7, ТГК2, ЭП-1, ОП31.Е10, КН10, 2С5К , ОПЭ1, ОПЭ2, ПЭ2У, ПЭ2М.

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