PKF "Fact": Industrial and Commercial Company.

Founded in 2006, The main specialization since the beginning of the activities is the complex supply of spare parts for railway equipment.
Since 2008, the company is not only a supplier but also a manufacturer. unique innovative technologies were introduced. Thus, from Udmurtia in all regions of Russia, as well as in more than 15 countries: European states, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, West Africa, the Middle and the Far East began to receive heat transfer equipment and own production. Innovative products

At present the company "Fact" is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of spare parts for railway engineering and heat exchange equipment.

The product range includes more than 2,000 items for electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, diesel engines. Each of them is different quality and innovative approach in the manufacture and is widely used in the railway sector, energy, engineering, oil and gas industry.

All products of own production is certified and tested by the quality of OTC at the regional and global levels. As a result of the introduction of new technologies and compliance with the quality standards able to minimize the cost of production, while maintaining high quality.
By purchasing the company's products "facts" you can be sure - you buy high quality products at the best price.
The mission of PKF "fact" is in the operational performance of the client's order.

Our company is committed to a mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with its partners. Cooperating with us, you can be confident in the strategic prospects of the business. Driving "Producer-Intermediary-Consumer" has long proved to be effective in practice. We are engaged in manufacturing, you - the implementation and this should become the norm. We complement each other. We have some interests, a single field of activity. Let's unite and achieve success together! We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful, and the overall success!

As manufacturers, we guarantee: stable range; high quality; service maintenance; guarantees; reasonable prices; dealer conditions for cooperation; timely shipment; performance of contractual obligations.

That is why in our face you will find a reliable strategic partner.

The site "PKF" Fact "is available with a range of available spare parts, as well as its own products. In addition, the home page includes a link to the blog manager, which allows you to ask questions directly to the Director of the company.
We thank our customers for choosing PKF "Fact!"

 We will be glad to see you among our partners!